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ty, will try that
Try to reinstall, servers r still on, just checked it
anyone know why the servers have been down for about a month for me?
Will logg on on Friday and Sunday... thats all i can do... atm
hello kin!! we have just one week until we reach rank 8!! would be great if everyone could come in for a bit on the last day - maybe we could do a raid to celebrate? cheers to all ;)
Awesomeness! I'll try to go online everyday and maybe I'll find something to on Holly or Sara. I may delete Gigi, though.
will try to
I made a new Charrie a few days ago. Her name is Alurawing. Next time I see one of you Officers, could you add her into the kit?
u eon´t gett luck on meeting me before a Friday or Saturday :P Tomorrow (02/22) i will be there again as well
Game News
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Guild News

Game News

Hroldrin, Apr 15, 14 4:29 AM.
Hello inhabitants of Middle Earth,

Since Yesterday Update 13 is online. That means:

- for our bored max lvl players: the last book of voluzme 3 and a new part of fangorn to gain reputation in dailys
- for our lower players: NDs, Trollshaws and Misty Mountains have been restructured, so check out the new and improved regions!
- for everyone: a new inventory system.... decide on ur own about it, I won´t spam about it here.

We hope u enjoy the new update (as much as i did when i finished it yesterday XD )


Homepage News

Hroldrin, Jan 12, 14 8:30 AM.
We proudly announce the last 2 Hall of Fame entrances from 2013 and the last entrances till December 2014.

We hope u enjoy reading the entrances and congratulations to Gilarthir and Acelon 

General News:

Hroldrin, Dec 28, 13 8:46 PM.
Heh kin, December is about to end and here u gett the most important things in short:

1: Lindirel is lader of kin again and Acelon is his new successor. Hadvett will become Officer again.
2: Welcome back to the 6 Members (10 toons!!!) who rejoined kin this month
3: Hroldrin (freep) / Luntkill (creep) will have an offtime till August 2014
4: Thank You for all, who joined this years Secret Santa

Game News

Hroldrin, Nov 22, 13 8:51 PM.
Good evening Kin!!

2 short announcements about our beloved MMORPG:

1: Helms Deep is finally avaliable for u and already hotfixed. We hope u enjoy ur way through the Westemnet and r not already lvl 95 after 3 days (like Acelon ) so u enjoy the Expansion for longer.

2: Lotro store coupon of the week for a Sturdy Steel Key: LOOT6
If u got any questions to the coupons or the updated functons like the skill trees, just ask one of our officers in game or on this homepage.


Kin New

Hroldrin, Nov 16, 13 10:07 AM.
The Secret Santa event has arrived again!!!

For celebrating the christmas time with us and enjoy a lovly gift, made by one of ur kinmades, just check the Members only Forum for mor einformation, or ask Hroldrin Todbringer in game or with a homepage mail.

Merry Christmas
HR (the most annying officer, this kin ever has seen)
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