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Transfers between the servers Arkenstone, Crickhollow, Landroval, Gladden and Brandywine (off world only) r avaliable now!
Hey Ace, we got ezred back into kin!! :D
oh lol
"just" is already 2 days old Ace ;)
turbine has just sent the mail about the server transfer
good to hear :D
You mean what server? I think I'll stay with the kin. I only had characters on Nimrodel so I might as well.
Heh, did u already decide, where u plann to go to?
Good to know!
busy due to rl and a lot of organizations here :P But doing good, thx :)
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Nimrodel will shut down!

This means the Hunters of Angmar

will move to LANDROVAL!!!

A Server shuts down?
Yes, Turbine now officially released all information about the process and what servers close.
No conclusion posted here, plz really take the time and read this article about the process and view at this list, to see if any of ur characters have to move.

What happens to the Hunters of Angmar, The Ongburz and this Homepage?
The Hunters of Angmar AND the Ongburz will move to the same server. We will announce at what point in time we switch, when we know.
As soon as we gett 5 people on the new server which are interested in really using the Homepage again, we might also create a complete new Homepage on enjin since this was in planning even before the server discussion came up.
Since Landroval is an US Server, as Nimrodel, we r also discussing about gathering the Hunters of Angmar on a EU Server as well, since a few of our members seem to have unused alts on EU servers which we could collect on one server and move into a EU Version of the Hunters of Angmar. The Server we decided for our EU kin will be Evernight.

What happens to my friends?
For this question we decided to put up a list of as many kinships/tribes/bands/raidgroups as we can. this list will contain the name of the kin/group and its travelling destination.
If you want to share ur kinships/groups travelling destination with the rest of the world, feel free to contact Hroldrin in game or on this Homepage (Visitors can check the general Forum)

Moving Kinships:
Bricks and Mordor - Landroval
Dancing in the Dark - Arkenstone
Defenders of Helm´s Deep - Landroval
End of Nimroads - Landroval
Flock of Moosen - Arkenstone
Frosaken Knights - Crickhollow (with new name: Forsaken of Nim)
Horizon - Landroval
Hunters of Angmar - Landroval
knightswhosayekkiptangzoomboing - Landroval
Legacy of Chaos - Landroval
Order of Iluvatar - Landroval
Ozraid - Arkenstone
Rondevouz with Destiny - Landroval
Seekers of the Similars  - Arkenstone
Sleepless Knights - Landroval
The Displaced - Landroval
The Stray Dogs - Landroval
We Got This - Arkenstone
Wizards Fire - Landroval

Moving Tribes:
Mordor and Bricks - Landroval
The Ongburz - Landroval

Moving Bands:
Classical Gas - Landroval
The Honey Bears - Landroval
The Lil´Peeps - Landroval
Thunderstruck - Landroval
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