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No Problem, but think of comming back for Secret Santa since u officailly joined ;)
sorry i havent been on lately, had language exams and got the new dragon age xP
For Holly: Well secret Santa has started, u missed 2 concerts, the kinship rank 10 party and several instances runs, but thats it :P
ok, for Ace: when u switched to ur tnak, I saw one sentence, but u logged befor ei could answer, but could not anything while u wer eon ace
It's been too long since I've been here! Has anything happened while 've been gone?
is it just me or do when a type something, nobody can see it?
The Idea is to stop Turbine from spaming things which nobody needs -_- Don´t like Essences since it is jsut another grinding way
11/5 - U15 brought the new Beorning race class as well as the battles of Pelargir and other additions...anyone have any views or ideas about the new areas and items? The Beorning? New Class Essences? Any ideas for future updates? shout it here or comment on the forum thread^
hey kin !! heading into the game for dailies and maybe a few raids..hope to see you all in the game !!
ik, i saw him a few days ago on festival grounds XD and thx
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To the Official Homepage of the Hunters of Angmar and the Ongburz.
A Kinship and its allied Tribe - who find there home on the Server Nimrodel - are inviting you to see middle earth from anther side. On this Homepage you can read about all our activites, upcomming public events and - when we gett information about it - even upcomming serverevents hold by other Kinships (LONG LIVES NIMRODEL!). We offer information about different Pages conciderng Lotro or about other famous kinships on our Link List. See picture gallerys created during kinship events or by single adventurers of Middle-Earth and listen to some of our tales which we add from time to time.
You also gett the chance to gett in contact with members on our Forum or learn about the past of the Kinship in our own Hall of Fame.

Registered Members can also use the Marketplace to work on their crafting abilitys or simply ask for the gear they need and all crafters on our Homepage can see that post and take the job to help you out.
Depending on your rank in kin/tribe you can also see more parts of the Forum which are not open for public acces and only members can add events to the raid calendar, comment news and write their own tales or post their own pictures. 

To gett more information just contact someone from our current officer corpse, which is introduced to you on the right side of nearly every Tab on this Homepage.

Happy Hunting! 
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