GuildPortal will be going offline (permanently) by the end of the month.
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Shout Box!
The New Music Center of Nimrodel opened!!! Address is Bree Homesteads, Ravenmeere, No 8 Long Road! More information comming in progress
We r sry for the downtime of the past 3 days! We gonna switche to a new Homepage soon, since our trouble with our current webservice is growing
currently working on new designs for page, donĀ“t wonder if many tabs keep changing over the next few weeks
Great for us, we r lucky to have u on board :D our server should transfer before urs, which means i can inform u about changes of character names from our officers (if there r any) intime
Ty! ^-^ (Me and Arn deleted all of our alts in Landrovol. I've bringing three alts from Silverlode plus Hollyth. Even though I'm not a fan of burglars anymore, I'll never delete Holly.)
lol, whatever u decide for, we will always welcome u in our little grp :) cya in game!
Lolz, ignore that. XD I got my hopes up... *Sigh* Stupid Holly...
Wait, nvm, the transfer thing came up. Me and Arn are bringing our Silverlode alts to Landroval to join HoA.
Its listed as 3rd last server for transfers, so I bet, it will not transfer until the end of next month or later, but ther eis no official date
Does anyone know if Silverlode's turn is in September? It's one of the last servers.
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Nimrodel will shut down!

The Hunters of Angmar moved


This Homepage will not be updated

any longer!

For more news and exchange with

us visit our new 
Alliance Homepage

"Shards of Nimrodel"

For the updated List of kinships/tribes/bands etc click here

Moving Kinships:
Blades of Middle Earth - Landroval
Bricks and Mordor - Landroval
Cal´s Pet Army - Landroval
Dancing in the Dark - Arkenstone
Defenders of Helm´s Deep - Landroval
End of Nimroads - Landroval
Flock of Moosen - Arkenstone
Frosaken Knights - Crickhollow (with new name: Forsaken of Nim)
Heroes of the Fourth Age - Landroval
Horizon - Landroval
Hunters of Angmar - Landroval
knightswhosayekkiptangzoomboing - Landroval
Legacy of Chaos - Landroval
Order of Iluvatar - Landroval
Ozraid - Arkenstone
Rondevouz with Destiny - Landroval
Seekers of the Similars  - Arkenstone
Sleepless Knights - Landroval
The Displaced - Landroval
The Stray Dogs - Landroval
We Got This - Arkenstone
Wizards Fire - Landroval

Moving Tribes:
Mordor and Bricks - Landroval
The Ongburz - Landroval

Moving Bands:
Classical Gas - Landroval
The Fluffy Hunicorns - Landroval
The Honey Bears - Landroval
The Lil´Peeps - Landroval
Thunderstruck - Landroval
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